If your visitors can't find the product, they can't buy it. Do you want your in-site search to work like Amazon? Our mission is to help you just do that!

nopAccelerate+ Search

nopAccelerate+ Search replaces the default search with an enhanced search that is more powerful, intuitive and offers Amazon like Search results to your visitors. So your visitors will always find the product they are finding.

How it works?

nopAccelerate+ Search utilizes powerful search mechanism offered by Apache Solr, a most popular open source enterprise search engine, to offers real full text search that relies on powerful language analysis and Lucene scoring model to tune the ranks & return search result most relevant to the searcher.
nopAccelerate Plus integrates nopCommerce tightly with Apache Solr to offers unmatched quality of relevancy based results. Here is how it works.
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Install Plugin (install & configure)

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Indexing (create a full index that is used to search in Solr) (we also track changes made to entities and pushes them to Solr)

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You define the relevancy boost

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Extend Search box to use Solr’s query instead of default

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We create most appropriate search query based on your relevancy requirement, and do query into Solr

Return Results from Solr applying nop’s Pricing models, result passed to nop’s presentation layer that uses existing theme’s views

You will have amazing Search Experience for your visitors.

Great In-site Search produces Great Business Results

Just like bad search is costing you, a great search experience can help you convert more visitors into buyers. For any serious business like yours, it can create magic.
  • A great search hugely improves your store’s usability
  • Searchers are often in late stage buying mode, so they convert quick
  • Helps improves branding, customer retention and loyalty, which comes as customers know they can find products more easily
  • Visitors spend more time on site, visits your site more frequently
  • Offers endless opportunities for landing pages
  • Search data can help you drive high converting promotional campaigns
  • People who use site search are more likely to purchase
  • Great Site Search experiences leads to greater conversion rate
  • Helps you beat your competition as very few online retailers take in-site search seriously and focuses on that as strategic tool
  • Reduces bounce rate
  • Gives you valuable customer buying behavior insights
  • Most importantly, a great search helps you improve your bottom-line

Do you know that your customers will thank you for a Great Search?

Because one can’t buy if they can’t find it.
  • A bad search is frustrating
  • A poor search sucks buyer’s time, and they go somewhere else
  • A bad experience results into website abandonment
  • A great search helps in decision making by offering merchandising option and drill down/ filterable results.
  • A great search saves time
  • A great search offers great user experience that your customers love
  • A great search helps find the right product quickly
  • Finally, Product Discovery is the Key to Selling Online And you can improve your in-site search easily..

Bad Search is easy to Fix

Find our more about nopAccelerate+ Search – the best search extension for nopCommerce that implements many search user experience best practices and fix the poor search and faceting experience that is causing you to loose sales.

You are in good company.

About nopAccelerate

nopAccelerate is the leading solution provider for a nopCommerce, a Dot Net based e-commerce platform. And, also an expert at implementing e-commerce search for nopCommerce and other platforms.
nopAccelerate helped many online retailers improve their e-commerce in-site search; and also offers extensive consulting services for improving e-commerce conversion through improving in-site search user experience for e-commerce stores.
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