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Client Testimonials


  • “We are using Solr service from you last 1 year for e-commerce website. For our business Searching is the most import part and with Solr search, our product search becomes so great. We are very happy with your Solr product. We mainly interact with Ashwin and Ankita. We have received very good service from them. Whenever we interact with Akita or Ashwin, they always responded well and very quick and They provide the right solution for our problem.

    We are very happy with your service and I hope we will continue to get the same in future.”

    Bhavik Shah, UK

  • “We had an issue in NopAccelerate Search. There was no indexing for Custom Text Values of Product Specification Attributes. Ankita handled the issue and helped me to get a revised Stored Procedure, which solved my problem.

    I really appreciate the efforts you company has taken to help me solve the issue.”

    Shrinivas K R
    Sivrin Technologies, India

  • “Very happy with the Support team (especially Ankita who worked late hours to resolve an issue), always rely on them to find a Solution. Thankyou”

    Paul Bates
    UKtools limited, UK

  • “It’s been a pleasure working with your company.
    The developers team are extremely helpful and everything went above and beyond the scope.
    The teams are reliable and communicate well. The quality of work, service and responsiveness are impressive.
    Thank you for making the project a success.”

    Jessica Ngui
    P & O Global Technologies Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

  • “YOUR TEAM IS WONDERFUL! Spot on. Capital. Great design, and structure. You guys ROCK! Thanks again to you and your team.”

    Steven Lugovsky
    The Lyoness Group, USA

  • “I love you great team support keep moving.”

    Markpak Limited, Thailand

  • “I just want to take a moment and say thank you as a team. We are very lucky to have worked with you all, and are very appreciative of everything you guys continue to do. Attached you will see our whole team that has been working alongside you all this time.”

    Erald Gjoni
    The Furniture Mart, USA

  • “Very happy with the work your company has done and the professionalism and responsiveness. Will definitely be using you for more development work.”

    David Bartkowski
    Quilled Creations, USA

  • “We would like to thank entire Xcellence – IT Team for their Wonderful work & the Hard work which they have put in our Project to Deliver it so fast (I never thought we would be able to complete this project on nopCommerce on time ) it was like a Dream come true. We are now really Confident that we can also execute Second project with Xcellence-IT.
    I would especially like to thank Project manger for his expertise & patients (and gentle nature) in grasping the Client Requirements & Clear Open Communication from the Day one, when we stared the project inquiry with him to the entire execution of this project. Also thanks to Project Leader for his constant support & clear understanding of our Project details. Also to inform that we would like to have the same team working for our second project also.”

    Bhagavat Ashray Das
    ebdbharat, India

  • “We were impressed by the level of service provided. The scope of the project was relatively small, and we did not encounter too many issues. But whenever we needed help, Team worked with us very diligently to get us to a resolution.”

    Kirill Klashtorny, Canada

  • “We enjoy working with you ! Fast and reliable team. Thank you”

    Darius Pleskacevski
    Xdalys, Lithuania

  • “Overall, I am satisfied with work, Will return. ”

    M.Janez Hudrap
    Luminet, Slovenia

  • “Broadly speaking, our experience has been positive. Good personal relationship, accurate analysis, good interaction and overall control regarding project steps.”

    Riccardo Hugony
    SYLOGIC S.R.L., Italy

  • “ provided fast and courteous service. Although the work product met specifications, the result proved to have a confusing UI. Xcellence-IT team was willing to make adjustments to realize a satisfactory result. Willingness to conduct consultations during non-work hours due to time difference is greatly appreciated.”

    Rodger Swarth

  • “I was very satisfied working with you guys; 5 out of 5 rating.”

    Jacob Silberstein
    Culinary Depot, USA

  • “Your work was fine I have no complaints.”

    Glenn Bergeron
    Isotope Music, Canada

  • “I will admit, I was a bit nervous about installing the plugin due to Solr core system required on our server, but the results are brilliant. I don’t know how it knows what you are looking for, but it does find it once fine tuned to you requirements. Even if you deliberately misspell words, the plugin delivers the results for the correct spelling of the search query. For serious on-line retailers I would say this is a must have. I cannot believe it is free, I would pay without hesitation. We have thousands of products all with very similar keywords, this helps our customers find what they need without any effort.”


  • “Wanted to thank a lot for fast and professional support of SOLR acceleration engine. Especially personally to Ankita Patel. Deep investigation of a problem and professional support. Thanks”.


  • Before nopAccelerate we were struggling with speed and search of our portal and the end user experience was also very bad. After, we switched to nopAccelerate, it resulted in better Acquisition rate, better performance of site and better customer experience.
    Thanks to team for their best support!!!

    Mr. Kamal

  • We couldn’t have been more lucky to find helpful and professional Guys from nopAccelerate, whose vast expert knowledge helped us immensely with the development of our nopCommerce online store. Our website’s performance improved tremendously, from almost 30 seconds to less than 5 seconds for the first homepage load. After this first load the site responds instantaneously without any significant delay when navigating though products and categories.
    We all know how important it is for your site, especially ecommerce site, to respond quickly and smoothly to help user experience and not to put our customers off by long loading times.Also all the nopCommerce customization work that nopAccelerate did for us was of the premium quality, and also we didn’t have to spend a fortune on it. Anyone looking for a reliable, affordable and professional service with an excellent customer support will be over the moon to hire the nice and friendly Guys from nopAccelerate team. For us it’s been great and I am sure it’s a start of a long-lasting and fruitful relationship.
    You can check our site at and see for yourself how efficient it is now, all thanks to the nopAccelerate team. Thanks Guys, I will always recommend you to anyone who wants to build a fast and reliable online store.

    Matt Tomaszewski

  • A few months ago we used NOPAccelerate. The product is very fast and helped us a lot in implementations.The team collaborates NOP always sharing and helping when new codes have limitations.We strongly recommend the product.

    Fernando Barros
    Atma IT

  • “You guys did an excellent job!”.

    Ken McCoin

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