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We offer all kinds of nopCommerce development services that you can rely on. Get faster project turnaround with effectively managed project execution from a reliable nopCommerce Development Company at reasonable price.

nopCommerce services by World Class Dedicated nopCommerce Developers

  • nopCommerce Performance Optimization

  • nopCommerce Plugin & Extensions Development

  • nopCommerce Theme Development

  • nopCommerce Mobile App Development

  • Turn Key Online Store Setup using nopCommerce

  • nopCommerce Custom Development

  • Custom Solr Integration Services

  • nopCommerce Azure Services

  • nopCommerce Azure Services

  • nopCommerce Upgrade Service

  • Stock / Inventory Integration

  • Accounting / Billing Integration

  • ERP & CRM Integration

  • CDN Integration

  • nopCommerce Website Maintenance & Support Services

  • Off-shore Development Center

We help online retailers to use the nopCommerce platform to optimize their e-commerce stores based on nopCommerce. This includes front-end optimization, as you’re aware of YSlow and Google Page Speed or any other front-end optimization tool and application optimization.

nopCommerce Front-end Website Optimization

nopCommerce front-end website optimization focuses on improving the visitor experience by reducing page load time. It improves the loading time that the browser takes to load the whole page after receiving a response from a Web Server. If your website receives the response (time to the first byte) quickly but takes time to load a page, you should go for this optimization. These include implementing all the suggestions that YSlow or Google Page Speed offers.

nopCommerce Application Optimization

nopCommerce application optimization focuses on improving application response time. Application response time is an average time that application takes to process each request. You can think of this as a Server side optimization as well. If your website spends more time waiting for response from server, then you should go for this optimization. These include implementing numerous techniques to improve application response time, including but not limited to nopAccelerate extension, aggressive caching, disabling feature that are no longer in use, etc.

nopCommerce has modular & pluggable architecture that gives a lot of freedom to developers to extend or add new features to nopCommerce without customizing any of its core files. This might be costly at first as developing plugins or extensions are more time-consuming than making changes directly on the code, but the benefits are for the long-term which results in a significant saving in the future as you can upgrade your store easily to newer nopCommerce versions and make use of features added to the new version. We help our customers extend their nopCommerce store by building Plugins & Extensions.

Some of the areas where we have experience building plugins / extensions for nopCommerce:

  • Payment Gateway Plugin
  • Shipping Gateway Plugin
  • SMS Gateway Plugins
  • Banners Plugin
  • Apache Solr Integration
  • Suggestive Search
  • CDN Plugin
  • FAQ Plugin
  • Google Map Store Locator Plugin
  • ZipCode Validation Plugin
  • Exit Intent Plugin
  • Admin Extension Plugin

We as nopCommerce development company helped numbers of businesses implement a fully custom theme design on nopCommerce. If you’re looking for implementing your custom design for desktop website or mobile website on nopCommerce, just send us the design to get a free quote on the same.
We do professional PSD to HTML/CSS for nopCommerce Theme development utilizing modern HTML5/CSS3 & jQuery techniques. All themes developed by us will be SEO friendly & cross browser compatible.

nopAccelerate help retailers and solution provider develop an integrated mobile app for their nopCommerce based retail shop. Your customers are going mobile, and its right time for your store to go on mobile as well. Depending on your business requirements we can help you develop a mobile app for your online shop which will be integrated with your existing store to offer seamless shopping experience to your customers.

We work on PhoneGap, Xamarin and native app development for Android and iOS platforms. We have developed an API plugin for nopCommerce that is already powering several mobile apps. The API offers secured way to access nopCommerce existing functions and services that makes it very easy to develop mobile application.

We also help companies that are new to online retailing and evaluating nopCommerce for their requirements. We understand your business requirements and evaluate nopCommerce against your requirements. If it matches, we also offer turn-key online store setup where we take the pain to setup everything for you.

This includes evaluating requirements, finding gaps, filling the requirement gap by using available plugins / extension or developing the same especially for your custom business requirements, Server setup, Apache Solr setup, nopCommerce setup & configuration, importing sample catalog, configuring taxes, payment, shipping, SMS plugins, load testing, performance tuning, training & handover of the project to you or your employees along with all documentation, and maintenance too.

We also do custom development for nopCommerce platform. If you have such a requirement where custom development is required, you can confidently rely on us for the same to implement the same at highest quality standards.

In the recent past, we have worked on some of the highly customized e-commerce sites built on nopCommerce that are having more than a million products in its catalog.

nopAccelerate is a valuable Integration Partner for custom Solr integration. nopAccelerate is one of the leading providers of Solr search & Performance optimization plugins. With the unique skills to integrate Advance Solr features to any ecommerce platform or custom ecommerce platforms, and quality implementations including process redesign, configuration, and integration. Hence, nopAccelerate becomes the most preferable choice as your technology integration partner for Apache Solr. Such integration provides your customers with the advanced search features along with the best performance optimization on their solutions.

nopAccelerate’s commitment to provide advanced Solr search & performance optimizations solutions extends beyond development, leveraging the knowledge and experience that will help you achieve success in your quality projects.

We have fine experience with Microsoft Azure Services, which enables us to help you to utilize power of cloud and automatic scaling on Microsoft Azure platform. We offer development, integration and deployment services for nopCommerce platform on Microsoft Azure web services in the way it is meant to be used. With right Azure deployment techniques, we can automate scaling of your store based on right monitoring metrics which reduces manual efforts and time required so you have fast nopCommerce site and less down time. This enables you to focus on your core business, and gives you power to expand your business without worrying about technicalities of Cloud hosting.

We help you to migrate your important customers, products and order details from your older non nopCommerce stores to your new nopCommerce based shop. We have set processes which enables us to execute Data Migration projects faster without losing data.

It’s very important to always use latest version of software, not just because it has newer features. But because it is more secured and faster. Upgrading your website to use newer version of nopCommerce is difficult if you don’t know how to do it correctly. Therefore, we help you to do it quickly and in right way. We have experience upgrading nopCommerce stores from older version to newer version without losing data. We also help our customers upgrade their customization, plugins and themes to work as intended after upgrade.

We understand how much it’s important for you to have right stock details sync into your store from your ware house. We can help with implementing the synchronization of your catalog’s stock details into your nopCommerce so you can offer right details to your customers when they are ordering.

We as nopCommerce development company can help you automate your accounting services by integrating it with your nopCommerce store. This helps you offer automated and seamless experience to your customers by creating customer billing account creation, creating packing / delivery instructions, packing lists, crating and sending Invoices, etc on the nopCommerce events.

We help you integrate ERP & CRM with your nopCommerce store. Most serious businesses have catalog information inside ERP which they want to publish through nopCommerce to offer seamless integrated experience to their customers. We help enterprises do the same.

We as nopCommerce development company also help businesses to integrate nopCommerce with the CRM you are using. We can help integrate with any CRM application to track all interactions with your customers like, creating contacts, creating sales leads / potentials, orders, support requests, etc.

Such ERP & CRM integration can be done in two ways, push or pull. We help with both kind of integration to enables you to have complete sync between your nopCommerce and ERP application.

CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps you offer your static contents using their network from the closest node to your visitors. We already offer free CDN Plugin for nopCommerce, and utilizing the same we help our customers integrate CDN services with their store correctly so your visitors experience the fast website loading. CDN also reduces your bandwidth and server resource utilization, if configured right. We help you make best use of CDN for your nopCommerce store with our experience working with many CDN providers.

We as nopCommerce development company can understand how important it is to have your website up and leave lasting impression to your customers. Website Maintenance & Support services are available and customizable to suite whatever your requirements may be. We’ll help you stay ahead of the competition with our Maintenance and support services for your nopCommerce store.

nopAccelerate provide offshore nopCommerce development to the partners from all over the world. As a reliable offshore outsourcing partner, we have established a valuable reputation in all of our offshore outsourcing services without compromising quality.

nopAccelerate has an established offshore development model, a unique model that offers distinct advantages. nopAccelerate is a dedicated, adaptive, and secure offshore software development center that gets adapted to your IT and business practices, methodologies and culture. By leveraging vast assets of highly qualified Software Engineers and a well-defined and robust infrastructure at a highly competitive price. We believe Offshore Outsourcing is not simply opening a new venture but a partnership with mutual trust and a good relation, which is a necessity for the mutual success.

Since nopAccelerate has the expertise as an Offshore Development Partner, nopAccelerate becomes an ideal choice for organizations that looks for offshore outsourcing to achieve significant improvement on IT outsourcing and focus on core competencies as a strategic point of view.

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