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About the Client: Procosplay is an experienced enterprise that manufactures cosplay costumes, cosplay wigs, cosplay props, and accessories.


  • Reduce the Bounce rate and Sales lost due to poor in-site search results performance.
  • The client website had a High Bounce Rate. The visitors were leaving the store within a few seconds because they were not able to find the right product quickly. To improve their sales conversion rate Procosplay wanted something that can help their visitors find the right products in a short time.


  • As per our analysis, the infective search engine on the website was impacting customer experience and the sales on the client website. Our team checked out the following strategy for Procosplay:

    • Show more search results when a customer searches for a product on the website.
    • Improve the accuracy and relevancy of the search query made by the customer.
    • Increase the speed of the search engine to provide a fast result to the customer.

  • We integrated nopAccelerate Plus Pro Search plugin to and consulted them for fine-tuning settings for perfect relevancy they needed. This plugin integrates a nopCommerce website with Apache Solr, open source enterprise grade search engine, to offer the finest search experience in terms of speed and accuracy.


  • Implementation of nopAccelerate Plus Pro Search plugin resulted in:

    • Improving customer acquisition from the search result page.
    • Reducing zero hit queries during the search.
    • 30% growth in sales.

  • This Sale growth as achieved after the plugin was integrated.

Food for Thought

  • A Search Engine is the backbone of an Ecommerce website, never compromise on it. Always use the best Search Engine on your ecommerce website.

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