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nopAccelerate helped reduce bounce rates and helped increase sales


I4mart, Singapore is one of the largest retail chain of industrial spare parts and help other companies and retailers in sourcing quality industrial spare parts and equipment.

Challenges Faced

They were having their e-commerce store built on nopCommerce and hosting a large catalog on their nopCommerce store, soon they found, that the default in-site search of this platform is extremely laggy and not user friendly and they want to reduce bounce rate. Soon they realized that it was affecting their online conversion rate and sales.

They were looking for solution of the couple of challenges which they were facing:

  • The client needs his website’s product filtering and eCommerce search to be powerful and efficient.
  • Display search results as fast as possible as they were having large number of SKUs.
  • They have tried couple of other plugins which were available in nopCommerce market, and they found that all of them were not fulfilling their needs and not overcoming the challenges they were having. Also, the plugins failed when it comes to handle large number of SKUs.


I4mart approached nopAccelerate with the pain they were having and after looking into the current challenges, we proposed them to implement our Apache Solr based nopAccelerate Plus PRO plugin which mainly focuses on search, performance and provides product filtering features and was developed considering needs of enterprise customers having large catalogs.

Results after implementation

Initially, they were not having high expectation due to prior failed implementation and bad experiences which they got from other vendors, but after testing nopAccelerate Plus Pro, they finally realized that this is the best solution for reduce bounce rate which will resolve the challenges they were facing and finally decided to implement the same.

We worked with them to help them integrate nopAccelerate Plus Pro with their online store and helped them fine tune all the settings so that their visitors can find right products. This resolved the challenges faced by them completely.

What client says about the solution:

We’ve been searching for a fast search engine for our website and after many researching and testing of many different plugins available in the market, we’ve concluded that nothing comes close to nopAccelerate Search. You can do whatever tuning to your website or database to the max, you can never able to match the search speed of this plugin.

What is also important for startup like us is we do not want to invest heavily on high spec servers to increase the website performances and this plugin really doesn’t rely on that, that’s why it is a bonus to us!

I think many have mentioned about efficiency of their support team and I really like to commend them for their professionalism and technical know-how to handle stuffs for us. I feel secure and peace of mind knowing that they are always available to support us!

Thanks again!

Have a look at nopAccelerate Demo Store with 80,000+ products with nopAccelerate Solr and CDN Plugin.

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