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How can I upgrade plugins after new release of nopAccelerate plugins?

Note that depending on a release and version you are upgrading from / to, these steps may vary. However, these are generic steps which should work in most cases. Please follow following steps to upgrade your plugin.

  • Make a backup of your website, plugins, database, Solr Configuration and Indexing Data
  • Update Solr Config & Schema files with the new file and restart your Tomcat or Servlet Container you are using. (Make sure to migrate your changes made to Solr Config & Schema file.) (Note that, not all plugin update may require this).
  • Uninstall the nopAccelerate Solr plugins
  • Upgrade plugins with new files including new View Files (need to copy to your current active theme and website View folder)
  • After upgrade plugins, Install the nopAccelerate Solr plugins
  • Activate the Plugin (your old settings will be preserved, so you do not need to configure them again)
  • Perform a full indexing (This may only required if there are changes in Solr Schema file)

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