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How hard is it to install and deploy nopAccelerate plus Search/Pro ?

Install and deploy nopAccelerate plus Search/Pro is very easy. We have a documentation on how to install and get it running if you want to do it yourself. Apart from that we offer a full support for the installation and deployment and we can do it on your behalf for your store. You can click here for details installation document:

Install and deploy nopAccelerate is divided into two major task.

i) install and configure Apache Solr; and

ii) install and configure nopAccelerate plus Search /Pro plugins into nopCommerce.

Depending on your comfortably with Apache Solr, installing it may take 10 minutes to half an hour. For installing Apache Solr, you would need to have Java, Apache Tomcat or any other Java Servlet Container upon which Apache Solr will run.

Installing and configuring nopAccelerate plugins is very easy. If you are familiar with installing plugins into nopCommerce then this should not take more than 5 to 10 minutes at the max.

Moreover, our support team is available to help you complete your installation and support on any issue you may face during your installation and integration of nopAccelerate into your store.

Can we use NopAccelerate on Azure Web Service?

nopAccelerate can work with nopCommerce site hosted on Azure, however you will need additional VM on Azure to host Apache Solr.

No products loading on category or search pages and error logged as “Status Code: 414 Request-URI Too Long Connection” in error logs.

Above issue “Status Code: 414 Request-URI Too Long Connection” can be resolved just by making change in Jetty.xml file, You can find this file at C:\solr-6.4.2\server\etc.
just update request header size to 65535 from 8192 as shown below:

<Set name=”requestHeaderSize”><Property name=”solr.jetty.request.header.size” default=”65535″ /></Set>
<Set name=”responseHeaderSize”><Property name=”solr.jetty.response.header.size” default=”65535″ /></Set>

How to start Solr core on system startup?

1. Create new bat file and write steps for start Solr core and save it. (below mentioned step for Core start)
2. Go to task scheduler.
3. Create new task from right side panel.
4. General tab – give specific name of task scheduler. (i.e. Solr core start on start-up)
5. Trigger tab – create new trigger and select on at startup option at begin the task, at bottom of pop-up check ENABLE option.
6. Action tab – create new action -> Action – select start a program and browse and select bat file.
7. Configure other settings as per your requirement.

Bat file contents

cd /
cd solr-6.4.2
cd bin
solr start -p 8983

What are the limitations for nopAccelerate plus Search plugin (Free)

Free license imposes several limitations:

1. Indexing limited to 1000 products.
2. Supports only single store. (Your primary store)
3. Supports only single language. (Your store primary language)
4. No Chat or Voice Calls support. You will get response after priority support tickets are answered.

Which version of nopCommerce is supported for nopAccelerate plus Search Free plugin?

nopAccelerate plus Search Free plugin is supported from nopCommerce version 3.30. It does not support previous versions of nopCommerce prior to 3.30.

How often Solr index is being refreshed?

Solr Index is being refreshed automatically at certain time interval. By default it is scheduled to re-index pending product changes at every one hour. However, you can change this interval by changing its schedule task by going to nopCommerce Administration Area then System -> Schedule Task -> Solr IDI process.

I did not find the download link for trial order is not available in my account?

All the trial orders for nopAccelerate plus pro/search are manually verified before being activated by our support team. It may take some time before we manually verify trial orders. So until they are verified, download link for trial orders will not be available. It may take little longer on week-ends and Indian national holidays. Moreover, you will receive email from us upon activation of your trial order.

Moreover, note that our support team may contact you for verification purposes on phone or email.

How can I remove data directly from the Solr Index?

If you want to delete data from the Solr Index please follow below steps:

1. To remove specific document ID (Product ID)

<delete><query>Field Name</query></delete>&commit=true



This lets you delete document where the Id field matches 298253.

2. To remove multiple document IDs (Product IDs)

<delete><query>Field Name</query></delete>&commit=true



This lets you delete documents where Id is 1 and 2.

3. If you want to delete documents that matches more than one field, just add another query:

<delete><query>Field Name</query></delete>&commit=true



This query lets you delete documents where Manufacturer is HP and Category is Notebook.

4. If you want to delete all documents from the index, just use this query:




What versions of nopCommerce are supported?

We currently support versions of nopCommerce is 4.30, 4.40, 4.50 and 4.60 for nopAccelerate Plus Pro & Search. If you’re looking for Solr extension for any other nopCommerce version, contact us from here with the details of version you’re having. We will love to add support for unsupported version for you.

What versions of nopCommerce is supported in future at any point of time?

At any given point of time we will support and maintain our plugins for three most recent versions of nopCommerce releases. So for example, if nopCommerce version 3.60 is the most recent release, then we will keep maintaining and supporting our plugins for nopCommerce version 3.60, 3.50 and 3.40. We’ll drop support for the older version from our plugin when new version of nopCommerce is released.

This does not mean that nopAccelerate plus / search plugins will not work with older versions of nopCommerce. It will work. But we’ll not upgrade the older version of plugin to have newer features or bug fixes. All the new development, bug fixing and enhancements are going to be supported on the three recent nopCommerce releases only.

Does nopAccelerate plus pro/ search support multiple store front-end? How licensing will vary for multiple store front-end?

Yes, nopAccelerate support multiple store fronts. In case of multistore with sub domain of main domain.

If you’re using a same nopCommerce application to host multiple store with different-different domain then , it’s require separate license for additional domains.

Is there any down-time associated with installation?

No. Installation does not require any down-time on your site. However, during installation you may need to restart your application. Your site will work normally also at the time of performing full Solr indexing.

What is the System Requirements for using your Solr extension?

All our Solr extensions will requires a minimum of nopCommerce 4.30. Our Solr extension are compatible with VPS, Dedicated server as well as Cloud Hosting.

If you’re still having question, please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help you. 🙂

Is Solr resource intensive and do I need to buy new server for it?

No, Apache Solr is not resource intensive. And in most cases, you do not need to invest in newer server.

I’m using Shared Hosting. Can I still use your extensions?

Yes, You have to host the solr on VPS or Dedicated server. contact us for more information.

How do you provide support?

You can access support documentation at Support Page. We also offer live support using Skype to the customer of nopAccelerate plus pro/search extension. Moreover, we also offer free support for installation and configuration for plugin, customizing theme, installing Solr, etc.

If you are facing technical issue, please check common issues here. If you are facing an issue not listed there you can request a priority support here or open a ticket by emailing to our support email address.

How can I change the license key for the plugin?

You can change the license key for the plugin from nopCommerce administration panel. To change, please follow the instructions:

  1. Log into your nopCommerce store as administrator, go to administration panel and then go to Configuration > Settings > All Settings (Advanced)
  2. Search for the following Setting Name and replace its value with a new License Key you have just received. Make sure to save the changes for each setting key.

Setting Name / Key Corresponding to the Plugin:

Plugin Name Setting Name / Key
nopAccelerate+ Core nopaccelerateplussettings.licensekeyforcore
nopAccelerate+ Catalog nopaccelerateplussettings.licensekeyforcatalog
nopAccelerate+ Search nopaccelerateplussettings.licensekeyforsearch

Can you help me install Solr, I’m not familiar with it?

Yes, we will surely help you to install Solr on your Windows VPS or Dedicated Server. Moreover, we do have step by step installation guide for installing Solr 8.11.0 on Windows Server 2008 R2.

Am I able to customize it to match my store theme?

Yes, all the nopAccelerate plus pro/search extension have an open (editable) view files which you can customize or modify as per your requirement for store theme. These View files can be extended in the same way as you extend nopCommerce theme View files by copying them in your theme folder and then customizing it.

We have customized nopcommerce, can we still use your extension for Solr integration?

Mostly, if you haven’t added any new field to the Product & Product Variant you can surely use our extension to integrate Solr to your customized nopCommerce store. However, if you have customized Product, Product Variant or Catalog pages, just drop us an email with details of customization and we’ll be able to inform you whether you can use it or not. Moreover, we do offer a special license with access to Source Code of the plugin. Please contact us for more details of the same.

How can I upgrade plugins after new release of nopAccelerate plugins?

Note that depending on a release and version you are upgrading from / to, these steps may vary. However, these are generic steps which should work in most cases. Please follow following steps to upgrade your plugin.

  • Make a backup of your website, plugins, database, Solr Configuration and Indexing Data
  • Update Solr Config & Schema files with the new file and restart your Tomcat or Servlet Container you are using. (Make sure to migrate your changes made to Solr Config & Schema file.) (Note that, not all plugin update may require this).
  • Uninstall the nopAccelerate Solr plugins
  • Upgrade plugins with new files including new View Files (need to copy to your current active theme and website View folder)
  • After upgrade plugins, Install the nopAccelerate Solr plugins
  • Activate the Plugin (your old settings will be preserved, so you do not need to configure them again)
  • Perform a full indexing (This may only required if there are changes in Solr Schema file)

Can I use nopAccelerate with multi-lingual store?

Yes, nopAccelerate supports nopCommerce multi-lingual store. Moreover, depending on your language you may also need to modify Solr Config file for performing appropriate language analysis. Click here to check the list of languages supported by Apache Solr for Language Analysis.

Do you offer nopCommerce customization services?

Yes, we do offer a nopCommerce customization services. Actually, we have a dedicated team working on full time nopCommerce projects. Our team have expertise in nopCommerce customization, plugin & extensions development, theme development & performance optimization. Please, contact us with details of your project.

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