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Top Features

  • 5 minute, easy installation
  • The true full text search
  • Advance Language Analysis (30+ languages)
  • SEO friendly, Multi Facet Ajax Filters
  • Great Features
  • Professional Support
  • 1 Year Free Upgrade
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What is nopAccelerate Search?

nopAccelerate Search is the most feature rich, one of the best, advanced search plugin for nopCommerce.

nopAccelerate Search integrates Apache Solr with nopCommerce to enhance your site’s full text search results. It uses Apache Solr’s capable, powerful and blazing fast search engine to offers you faster and improved search results including additional features like faceted/drill-down search, spell suggest, and many other features.

Why nopAccelerate Search?

Better and Faster Search Results directly and positively impact sales. So Better Search = More Revenue!!

If your visitors can’t find the products they are looking for very easily and quickly then they will turn to your competitors’ website and you will lose a potential client! But now it won’t happen, because you can use nopAccelerate Search for offering quality search results on your nopCommerce shop.

How nopAccelerate Search can help you Convert more?

Check the features that help you sale more

1. Easy integration with nopcommerce

2. Powerful True Full Text Search

3. Advanced Language Analysis

4. Corrects Wrong Spelling Automatically

5. Powerful Drill Down Search using Facets

6. SEO Friendliy Ajax Filters

7. Improves the Quality of Search Results

8. Fastest Search Results

9. Lesser Clicks, More Results on Single Page

10. Easy To Install & Use

11. Easy, Finest & Reliable Integration with nopCommerce

12. Powerful Configuration Allows to Personalize Search Experience

13. Easy to Extend

14. Easy to Scale

15. Supported by Professional & Committed Team

16. Comes with Full Source Code under Enterprise License

Help your visitors find the right product easily & quickly.
Start using nopAccelerate search today. It’s free for small stores! 🙂

If you’re not using this great free Search Plugin for your nopCommerce store, then you’re loosing your sales!!

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