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Enhance your nopCommerce CMS Capabilities by making it easy to add dynamic contents to pages

Don’t write the same contents again and again, instead use #shortcode#


ShortCode Plugin enhances nopCommerce by adding a capability to add dynamic contents using shortcode, so you do not need to write it again and again. Currently, it supports to add and display topic pages as content on product, blog, topic and category pages. You can add any contents into topic pages and put that contents into any other page in nopCommerce using #shortcode#.

We are working on making other static and dynamic contents available to the ShortCode plugin depending on what our customers requests to add.

Features of nopCommerce ShortCode Plugin

  • Allows to add any contents using shortcodes on the pages. You can currently manage contents using topic pages. So it will turn topic pages into ShortCode for Product description, Category Description, Blog and Topic pages. There is no limit in displaying topic pages as ShortCode and you can also add as many as ShortCode in page descriptions upto ‘n’ nested levels.
  • Easy to add using shortcode menu item in RichEditor insert menu and toolbar on Product description, Category Description, Blog and Topic pages.
  • Multi-store support, Supported version(s) 3.50 – 3.70
  • Open to enhance plugin with other features, please suggest.

We’re open to add more features in next version. And you can help us get there! Share your requirements and ideas with us, and we’ll work with you to add new exciting features to this plugin.

Get Started with #ShortCode# Plugin

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