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SMS notification is very important for any e-commerce store to enhance the customer service and keep your customers notified about the order status. You can now use Universal SMS Plugin for your nopCommerce store to offer the enhanced customer service to your store’s customers.

How using SMS notifications help your store?

  • SMS notifications are instant and gets seen most of the time, compared to email notifications
  • SMS are sent instantly and give customer positive impression of the services your store offers
  • You can get personal on SMS notifications using personalized messages
  • SMS are multi-functional, i.e. you can send it for number of events involving customer’s actions; moreover they are sent automatically
  • SMS don’t rely on internet connection, so you can also reach those customers who do not have internet connection
  • It can help you notify your operations team as well, so they can instantly serve your customers
  • All these helps you offer superior customer service to your buyers, which helps you stand out as a Brand from the crowd and in the long term helps with customer retention

nopCommerce is a great e-commerce platform for your online business. And this SMS Plugin helps you enhance customer experience for your online store very easily by offering finely integrated and flexible SMS notification services on the top of existing nopCommerce’s events architecture. You do not need to worry about developing anything to achieve the integration. Just install, configure and you’re done!

Major Features of the Universal SMS Plugin

  • Flexible & Open API, using which you can configure any SMS Gateway using HTTP API, Email API. So you can use it with any SMS Gateway that offers HTTP or Email API.
  • Support Twillio Voice & SMS API.
  • Customer Mobile Number Verification using OTP (One Time Password) on Registration and on Mobile Number change event, with themable front-end view template.
  • Editable SMS Templates for supported events with tokens.
  • Send private / personalized individual SMS per customer and per order.
  • Supports Multi-Store.
  • Professionally developed and supported.
  • Open to enhance SMS plugin with other features, please suggest.

Developer Features

  • Comes with developer API to send SMS messages, so when the SMS plugin is installed and activated one can send SMS by consuming this developer API either from nopCommerce project or from third party plugin.

Customer Events Supported by the Plugin

  • Customer mobile number verification/Change of mobile number
  • Order placed
  • Shipment initiated for order placed
  • Order delivered
  • Order is cancelled by Admin/Vendor/Customer
  • Order notes updated for order and display to customer is checked
  • Order processing
  • Payment refund initiated
  • Individual messages

Administrator Events Supported by the Plugin

  • New customer registration
  • New order placed in store

We’re open to add more features in next version. And you can help us get there! Share your requirements and ideas with us, and we’ll work with you to add new exciting features to this plugin.

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