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nopAccelerate is an extension that integrate Apache Solr with nopCommerce. The result is better search results and overall improvement into the nopCommerce platform that optimizes nopCommerce for improved performance and make it more faster, reliable & scalable.

The extension is now ready to power your store, however we need your help to further test & improve it by testing it at your environment.

We are looking for people interested in Beta testing our extension. Beta testers will have early access to the extension and help us shape it with your reviews. All Beta testers will be the first to use nopAccelerate to improve their nopCommerce sites using Apache Solr. Moreover, when it is released all the beta testers will get a 50% discount.

If you’re interested to test drive the nopAccelerate, send us your details using the form and we’ll then review and select the few participants to test drive the nopAccelerate.

Don’t worry you’ll still get 33% discount even if you’re not selected for beta testing program if you place your order within first two month of launch.

We now look forward to hearing from you!

Sorry, the Beta Testing program has stopped.


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