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How to add a menu item into the administration area of nopCommerce from a plugin?

If you’re a nopCommerce developer, you’ll find yourself using nopCommerce plugins to add your custom features into the nopCommerce. While nopCommerce IAdminMenuPlugin doesn’t allow to add your custom menu items under its default menu items, you can still add your custom menu items into Plugins menu.

In nopCommerce, administration menu is build from the Sitemap.Configuration file which is located in Nop.Admin folder. To add your custom menu items in nopCommerce administration panel, you can add it by extending SitemapNode class of nopCommerce.

To do the same, you can use following sample code which you need to add in your plugins’ cs file, after your plugin’s Install and Uninstall method.

    public bool Authenticate()
            return true;

     public  SiteMapNode BuildMenuItem() // SiteMapNode is Class in Nop.Web.Framework.Menu
            var menuItemBuilder = new SiteMapNode()
                Title = "Title For Menu item",   // Title for your Custom Menu Item
                Url = "Path of action link", // Path of the action link
                Visible = true,
                RouteValues = new RouteValueDictionary() { {"Area", "Admin"} }

         var SubMenuItem = new SiteMapNode()   // add child Custom menu
                Title =  "Title For Menu Chile menu item", //   Title for your Sub Menu item
                ControllerName = "Your Controller Name", // Your controller Name
                ActionName = "Configure", // Action Name
                Visible = true,
                RouteValues = new RouteValueDictionary() { {"Area", "Admin"} },

            return menuItemBuilder;


In the above code, you can find comments where you need to replace values depending on your requirements. Moreover, the above code also explains how you can add a child menu items inside main menu.

Note that this code is tested to work on nopCommerce 3.40. Moreover, if you find any issue or need help, feel free to post it into comments or use nopCommerce forum.

Thank you nopCommerce team for special recognition!

September 1st, 2014 has been a special day for all of our team member here at Xcellence-IT and nopAccelerate, as our CEO, Mr.Krunal Jariwala, has been recognised and awarded by nopCommerce as nopCommerce MVP (Most Valued Professional) for his contribution to the nopCommerce community. Check the snapshot here.

nopCommerce is a popular open source e-commerce solution built on the top of latest ASP.Net MVC with MS SQL as database backend. It has all the features that any modern e-commerce site will need.


nopCommerce is among the top 5 featured apps (only e-commerce app featured on top 5) on Microsoft Web Matrix, downloaded more than 368,000 times from there and witnessed more than 1,107,340 source code downloads from Codeplex.


If you’re new to nopCommerce, make sure to checkout nopCommerce Review article!

We, at Xcellence-IT, have been working with nopCommerce since September 2011 and since then worked on numbers of nopCommerce projects some of them are huge success. Since 2013, we have created a separate business unit focusing on the nopCommerce plugin, themes and custom development. And as a result, we have launched nopAccelerate.

nopAccelerate is an enterprise grade plugin for nopCommerce which integrates Apache Solr with nopCommerce, enabling you to offer enhanced catalog navigation and advanced search features and at the same time makes it very easy to scale your store to support millions of products and visitors without slowing down your store front-end. This helps improve overall usability of the store directly improving the conversion rates and profitability of the store.

It has been really great to be a part of nopCommerce community for all of us. We’ll continue contributing to the success of nopCommerce and its users helping them build their online stores using nopCommerce.

With this joyous moments, we want to share special thanks to nopCommerce community – specially to the incredible nopCommerce team who build and maintain nopCommerce solutions in a true open source spirit for their great effort in building nopCommerce, nopCommerce community and to all our customers, friends and family without the help of them, this wouldn’t be possible!

We are now offering high quality and affordable nopCommerce development services to our customers worldwide under the name of nopAccelerate. Moreover, we’re getting ready to start offering free and premium themes for nopCommerce very soon.

And we’ll have some more exciting news soon for all of you. Stay tuned!

nopAccelerate 2.6 released for nopCommerce 3.40

We are happy to announce the release of latest version for nopAccelerate – Solr integration plugin for nopCommerce; nopAccelerate Search – Advanced Search Plugin for nopCommerce and nopAccelerate CDN free CDN Plugin for nopCommerce which supports nopCommerce 3.40.

The newer version of nopAccelerate includes several new features enhancements and bug fixes.

What’s New in nopAccelerate?

  • Added support for nopCommerce 3.40
  • Now nopAccelerate is compatible with Apache Solr 4.9.0
  • Performance Optimization. Optimized search method to be more faster, especially when you’re having thousands of categories.
  • Performance Optimization. Added indexing to Incremental_Solr_Product table.
  • Default language can be configured for Solr Core, if there are more than single language available.
  • Added Stock Availability Filter on Manufacturer Page.
  • Indexed protocol-independent image URLs to Solr, this removes need to re-index when SSL setting is changed.
  • Group product is now searchable using their associated product’s SKU.
  • Several Bug fixes

Please read the full release notes here.

This version includes a change in Solr Configuration files (Schema.xml & Config.xml), and therefore you need to run a full indexing after performing an update. Click here  to find more details on how to upgrade a plugin.

It’s time for you to upgrade to the latest version. For those who haven’t yet tried nopAccelerate, start with taking a free trial here.



nopCommerce 3.40 Release Review

As you may already know nopCommerce 3.40 is already released. There are numbers of good changes we’ve seen being made into this release. The highlighted features of the release are:

  • Performance Optimization
  • Full support for in-store pickup
  • Dropping of jQuery Mobile Version Support

You can read the full Release Notes here!

We must recommend that this is the one release that you must upgrade because of the huge improvement in the performance.

The performance has improved a lot! Really Lot!!

Apart from the new features and bug fixes, the incredible nopCommerce team has worked really hard to improve a nopCommerce performance. There are numbers of nice changes that has improved the performance, which resulted into faster nopCommerce, out of the box!

These changes has arrived at the right time, where we have already witnessed a couple of e-commerce sites with huge catalog base in nopCommerce. We’re sure there are more online retailers going to use nopCommerce now after this round of performance improvement.

So, now you can easily build a scalable e-commerce store that is

  • Easy to use,
  • Easy to extend and customize,
  • Has all the important features that any e-commerce store would need,
  • Faster, out of the box
  • Easy to scale to enterprise grade performance using nopAccelerate Solr Plugins to support millions of products and visitors

These make the nopCommerce, the perfect platform for enterprise grade e-commerce.

nopAccelerate is the premium nopCommerce plugin that brings enterprise grade performance, advanced search and navigation features to the nopCommerce by integrating Apache Solr with nopCommerce.



nopAccelerate powers many of the largest sites built on the nopCommerce with over millions of products and visitors.

The whole nopAccelerate team is very excited to work with latest nopCommerce version to help its clients build even more faster, reliable and scalable enterprise e-commerce store and at the same time work on more advanced and useful features that help improve the usability, product visibility and conversion using its plugins.

nopAccelerate Search – An Advanced Search plugin for nopCommerce.

We are glad to announce the nopAccelerate Search – An Advanced Search plugin for nopCommerce.

The nopAccelerate Search is already a part of nopAccelerate Solr Plugins, and available to all nopAccelerate customers. Today, we made it available separately so if you just need to enhance your store’s search then nopAccelerate search is for you.

Here are the highlighted features of nopAccelerate Search:

  • Powerful, true full-text search powered by Apache Solr
  • Drill-down search with facet filters for Categories, Manufacturers, Product Specifications and Attributes (filters on stock availability coming soon!)
  • Ajax Filters Capability (available on nopAccelerate Search only)
  • Blazing Fast search queries even with millions of products
  • Spell Check which offers Did you mean? If visitor enters wrongly spelled search term
  • Advanced language analysis (stemming, language analyzers, inflectional forms)
  • Support up to 30 languages for language analysis
  • Available with a Lite version of plugin starting at USD 9.99

Moreover, the plugin is priced very aggressively. We’re offering a 33% flat discount on nopAccelerate and nopAccelerate Search valid till 14th April, 2014. Use this promo code during checkout: SearchLaunch

Click here to order nopAccelerate Search plugin now!

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