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How hard is it to install and deploy nopAccelerate plus Search/Pro ?

Install and deploy nopAccelerate plus Search/Pro is very easy. We have a documentation on how to install and get it running if you want to do it yourself. Apart from that we offer a full support for the installation and deployment and we can do it on your behalf for your store. You can click here for details installation document:

Install and deploy nopAccelerate is divided into two major task.

i) install and configure Apache Solr; and

ii) install and configure nopAccelerate plus Search /Pro plugins into nopCommerce.

Depending on your comfortably with Apache Solr, installing it may take 10 minutes to half an hour. For installing Apache Solr, you would need to have Java, Apache Tomcat or any other Java Servlet Container upon which Apache Solr will run.

Installing and configuring nopAccelerate plugins is very easy. If you are familiar with installing plugins into nopCommerce then this should not take more than 5 to 10 minutes at the max.

Moreover, our support team is available to help you complete your installation and support on any issue you may face during your installation and integration of nopAccelerate into your store.

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