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Introducing Cool Changes at nopAccelerate


nopaccelerate - performance optimization nopcommerce plugin is changing

For the past few weeks we have been very busy with further enhancing our products with new features, better performance and changing the way we offer our products.

We’re listening to you

Yes, we’re listening! We love your feedback.

Just like you, many of our customers also asked for a version that comes with lower price tags with limits to products as they are not owning a huge nopCommerce site with millions or even thousands of products but still looking for ways to improve customer experience, search results and site speed. Moreover, many of them are on Shared Hosting Account and do not want to install yet another server for hosting Apache Solr. And they want something simpler and affordable way to speed-up and scale their nopCommerce based e-commerce website. So we’re changing several things to make it easy for you to enhance your store.

We’re changing…

Affordable Pricing for Smaller Stores

After listening to your feedback, we have decided to bring down the prices of our products for smaller stores who are having lesser than 5000 products. Very soon you will be able to order our product that comes at very affordable price tags for stores having smaller product catalogs.

Changes to Product Line

Moreover, we are discontinuing the development of nopSolr Navigation product completely and instead we will manage only these products – nopAccelerate and nopAccelerate Search.

We’re also going to have lite edition of nopAccelerate and nopAccelerate Search very soon, named as nopAccelerate Lite and nopAccelerate Search Lite. We will share more details on the same very soon.

Introducing Apache Solr Hosting Service for nopCommerce

We are also introducing the Apache Solr hosting service which you can use to host Solr Core for your nopCommerce website. This service will be available as monthly or yearly subscription that you can use along with our nopCommerce performance optimization products.

New Subscription License

We’re introducing a Subscription License for some of our products. This will enable you to use our products along with hosted Solr service for a small subscription fee. You can enjoy the continued service and updates for  the period of your subscription.

Changes to Trials

We do not like this one change. But due to some reasons, we are forced to stop our 15 day Free Trial that gives you access to download and use our product for trial immediately.

From now, we will be reviewing each trial order and you will get access to the download and license key after manual verification of domain and contact details. The trial will not be available for invalid, non-existent and unreachable domains.


We will be publishing more details very soon. However, if you just can’t wait to start enhancing your store, then Contact Us today.

We like to hear your opinion on the same. Moreover, to get the early glimpse of the new prices sign-up below.


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