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nopAccelerate Search – An Advanced Search plugin for nopCommerce.


We are glad to announce the nopAccelerate Search – An Advanced Search plugin for nopCommerce.

The nopAccelerate Search is already a part of nopAccelerate Solr Plugins, and available to all nopAccelerate customers. Today, we made it available separately so if you just need to enhance your store’s search then nopAccelerate search is for you.

Here are the highlighted features of nopAccelerate Search:

  • Powerful, true full-text search powered by Apache Solr
  • Drill-down search with facet filters for Categories, Manufacturers, Product Specifications and Attributes (filters on stock availability coming soon!)
  • Ajax Filters Capability (available on nopAccelerate Search only)
  • Blazing Fast search queries even with millions of products
  • Spell Check which offers Did you mean? If visitor enters wrongly spelled search term
  • Advanced language analysis (stemming, language analyzers, inflectional forms)
  • Support up to 30 languages for language analysis
  • Available with a Lite version of plugin starting at USD 9.99

Moreover, the plugin is priced very aggressively. We’re offering a 33% flat discount on nopAccelerate and nopAccelerate Search valid till 14th April, 2014. Use this promo code during checkout: SearchLaunch

Click here to order nopAccelerate Search plugin now!


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