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How To Increase Conversion Rate Through Reducing Options (Infographic)


What do you do when you are given 20 choices from which you need to pick one to buy? You generally review all and leave without buying or you will ask the company to recommend the best one if you’re not able to decide.

If this is not the case then you are definitely the 3% of aggressive window shoppers. But, the remaining 97% of customers have a specific pattern or a system in mind for which they need an exact fill to buy it.

Internet Retailer reported that on an average only 2-3% of customers visiting an e-commerce store convert to the site’s client/customer.

Whereas Smart Insights said that on an average an e-commerce site can witness 5.90% of visitors showing interest in their products/services by adding them to their cart, but only 1.17% will actually buy it! (in a specific quarter during 2013)

These are very scary and really low conversion rate. Ever wondered why? The answer is simple – the visitor gets confused and startled.

Let’s try and understand the concept through this info-graphic.

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

What did you understand?

The key to increase conversion rate is to “Keep it Simple”. Make your site in such a fashion that your products/services can be easily found and don’t give too many options. Less but sure shot options attract more customers and a healthy business is witnessed.

Don’t be General, be Specialized!

Now, its your turn to discuss what you have experienced on your e-commerce store and what are the steps you’ll take after finding this priceless information!


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