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nopCommerce 3.0 – Now available for Download.

The most awaited release of nopCommerce 3.0 has just arrived today!

The nopCommerce team has released it today. If you’re still not aware of nopCommerce 3.0 features, here are some of the highlighted features of this latest nopCommerce release.

Major New Features of nopCommerce 3.0:

  • Multi-Store Support
  • Multi-Vendor Support
  • Performance Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • HTML & CSS Refactoring

For all those who want to start using it today, download nopCommerce 3.0 now. nopCommerce 3.0 also available on  the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

If you want to read a detailed review on nopCommerce Multi-Store and Multi-Vendor features, read our article nopCommerce 3.0  Multi-Store and Multi-Vendor Review.

nopAccelerate support for nopCommerce 3.0

All the nopAccelerate plugins will be available for nopCommerce 3.0 very shortly. We are working on upgrading all our nopCommerce performance optimization and scaling extensions to support nopCommerce 3.0 with support for Multi-Store and Multi-Vendor. We’re also adding several other features to nopAccelerate Solr Plugins which will make it easier for you to enhance your nopCommerce store performance and reduce load time.

Stay tuned for more updates very shortly.

We’re happy to launch nopAccelerate – Solr Integration for nopCommerce

Hi there,

It’s been a very busy since all of us working on launching our product that integrate Apache Solr with nopCommerce that promises to transform shopping experience of your buyers.

nopAccelerate is an extension for nopCommerce that integrate Apache Solr with nopCommerce. It makes nopCommerce very fast, responsive, more reliable & scalable. And you also get the better, more powerful searching for your store that your visitors will love.

It is a must have nopCommerce performance extension for all e-commerce sites using nopCommerce that wants to improve their e-commerce business.

From today we’ll be accepting your orders for the same on our website. The orders are processed at our shop which is also powered by a nopCommerce and integrated with Paypal for payment processing.

For all those, who wants to try our product before buying it, can now place trial order to download 15 days fully working trial version of the nopAccelerate plugin.

If you have signed up with us earlier or helped us test the nopAccelerate, then you’ll receive the discount code by email very shortly.

We welcome you to start using nopAccelerate today to bring the right change for your e-commerce store.


nopAccelerate is an extension that integrate Apache Solr with nopCommerce. The result is better search results and overall improvement into the nopCommerce platform that optimizes nopCommerce for improved performance and make it more faster, reliable & scalable.

The extension is now ready to power your store, however we need your help to further test & improve it by testing it at your environment. (more…)

nopAccelerate Website Launch

We’re happy to announce the launching of the nopAccelerate website. We’re quite busy polishing our nopAccelerate extensions, and hence keeping this blog post short.

However, we’ll be happy to have your reviews & feedback of the nopAccelerate website. We may not be perfect and need your help to make our website & nopAccelerate extension perfect, and thus we love to have your feedback.

You can use feedback form to send us your feedback about our website, products or services.

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