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Can I use nopAccelerate with multi-lingual store?

Yes, nopAccelerate supports nopCommerce multi-lingual store. Moreover, depending on your language you may also need to modify Solr Config file for performing appropriate language analysis. Click here to check the list of languages supported by Apache Solr for Language Analysis.

How can I upgrade plugins after new release of nopAccelerate plugins?

Note that depending on a release and version you are upgrading from / to, these steps may vary. However, these are generic steps which should work in most cases. Please follow following steps to upgrade your plugin.

  • Make a backup of your website, plugins, database, Solr Configuration and Indexing Data
  • Update Solr Config & Schema files with the new file and restart your Tomcat or Servlet Container you are using. (Make sure to migrate your changes made to Solr Config & Schema file.) (Note that, not all plugin update may require this).
  • Uninstall the nopAccelerate Solr plugins
  • Upgrade plugins with new files including new View Files (need to copy to your current active theme and website View folder)
  • After upgrade plugins, Install the nopAccelerate Solr plugins
  • Activate the Plugin (your old settings will be preserved, so you do not need to configure them again)
  • Perform a full indexing (This may only required if there are changes in Solr Schema file)

How can I change the license key for the plugin?

You can change the license key for the plugin from nopCommerce administration panel. To change, please follow the instructions:

  1. Log into your nopCommerce store as administrator, go to administration panel and then go to Configuration > Settings > All Settings (Advanced)
  2. Search for the following Setting Name and replace its value with a new License Key you have just received. Make sure to save the changes for each setting key.

Setting Name / Key Corresponding to the Plugin:

Plugin Name Setting Name / Key
nopAccelerate+ Core nopaccelerateplussettings.licensekeyforcore
nopAccelerate+ Catalog nopaccelerateplussettings.licensekeyforcatalog
nopAccelerate+ Search nopaccelerateplussettings.licensekeyforsearch

Is there any down-time associated with installation?

No. Installation does not require any down-time on your site. However, during installation you may need to restart your application. Your site will work normally also at the time of performing full Solr indexing.

Does nopAccelerate plus pro/ search support multiple store front-end? How licensing will vary for multiple store front-end?

Yes, nopAccelerate support multiple store fronts. In case of multistore with sub domain of main domain.

If you’re using a same nopCommerce application to host multiple store with different-different domain then , it’s require separate license for additional domains.

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