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No products loading on category or search pages and error logged as “Status Code: 414 Request-URI Too Long Connection” in error logs.

Above issue “Status Code: 414 Request-URI Too Long Connection” can be resolved just by making change in Jetty.xml file, You can find this file at C:\solr-6.4.2\server\etc.
just update request header size to 65535 from 8192 as shown below:

<Set name=”requestHeaderSize”><Property name=”solr.jetty.request.header.size” default=”65535″ /></Set>
<Set name=”responseHeaderSize”><Property name=”solr.jetty.response.header.size” default=”65535″ /></Set>

Can we use NopAccelerate on Azure Web Service?

nopAccelerate can work with nopCommerce site hosted on Azure, however you will need additional VM on Azure to host Apache Solr.

How to start Solr core on system startup?

1. Create new bat file and write steps for start Solr core and save it. (below mentioned step for Core start)
2. Go to task scheduler.
3. Create new task from right side panel.
4. General tab – give specific name of task scheduler. (i.e. Solr core start on start-up)
5. Trigger tab – create new trigger and select on at startup option at begin the task, at bottom of pop-up check ENABLE option.
6. Action tab – create new action -> Action – select start a program and browse and select bat file.
7. Configure other settings as per your requirement.

Bat file contents

cd /
cd solr-6.4.2
cd bin
solr start -p 8983

What are the limitations for nopAccelerate plus Search plugin (Free)

Free license imposes several limitations:

1. Indexing limited to 1000 products.
2. Supports only single store. (Your primary store)
3. Supports only single language. (Your store primary language)
4. No Chat or Voice Calls support. You will get response after priority support tickets are answered.

How often Solr index is being refreshed?

Solr Index is being refreshed automatically at certain time interval. By default it is scheduled to re-index pending product changes at every one hour. However, you can change this interval by changing its schedule task by going to nopCommerce Administration Area then System -> Schedule Task -> Solr IDI process.

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