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Give your visitors amazing user experience with our Previous Next plugin for nopCommerce


Do you want to save your customer’s time from navigating one product to another one? Or want to enhance your product navigation process and make it more user-friendly. Our Previous Next Product Navigation Plugin for nopCommerce does exactly same.

Many eCommerce sites lose customers when they stuck between product and category navigation. That can damage your stores first impression. That user may not come again for shopping if your site’s user experience is not good.

So to increase your user experience which makes your store much better from your competitors.

Now don’t lose your customers due to navigation.

We are happy to announce that we have recently released Previous Next Product Plugin that does exactly same.

nopAccelerate’s Previous Next plugin is built to save your customers’ time from going one product page to another one. Also, you can browse products in the same category from the currently viewed page.

nopCommerce Previous Next plugin enables the users to navigate from one product details page to another product details page easily. When the plugin is enabled the previous next arrows will appear on the product details page which helps the user to navigate from one product details page to another on the same category.

You can get this and many other great free & premium nopCommerce plugin from our shop. Moreover, we’re one of the top nopCommerce development company and looking forward to work with you.


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