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nopAccelerate 2.7 released for nopCommerce 3.50


We are happy to announce the release of latest version for nopAccelerate – Solr integration plugin for nopCommerce; nopAccelerate Search – Advanced Search Plugin for nopCommerce which supports nopCommerce 3.50.

The newer version of nopAccelerate includes several new features enhancements and bug fixes.

What’s New in nopAccelerate?

  • Added support for nopCommerce 3.50
  • Now nopAccelerate is compatible with Apache Solr 4.10.2
  • Enhanced Search – Diacritics character are now supported in search terms
  • Enhanced Search – You can now select default search operator (AND / OR) for search query
  • Enhanced Search – You can now define Minimum Should Match criteria for search result – Minimun-Should-Match
  • Enhanced Search – Added Vendor filter on search result page
  • Added Infinite Scrolling for all Catalog Pages (Manufacturer, Category, Tags and Search Result Page)
  • Added support for State aware URLs using HTML5 History State API, so filtering now supports deep bookmarking and the browser’s back button
  • Added Filters on manufacturer page
  • Several Bug fixes

Please read the full release notes here.

It’s time for you to upgrade to the latest version. For those who haven’t yet tried nopAccelerate, start with taking a free trial here. Moreover, we do offer nopAccelerate plugins with full source code under enterprise license.


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