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Reasons to Choose nopCommerce as an eCommerce Development Solution


NopCommerce is a well-structured eCommerce Development Solution that fits every merchant’s needs!!

With the growth of Netizens, day by day eCommerce is slowly becoming a business need. To cater to this need many companies have started offering good and easy to build eCommerce development solutions. However, sometimes it is difficult to decide which one is the best e-commerce development solution for developing your e-commerce portal as most of them seems similar until you use them.

Today, we are going to present you an evaluation as well as reasons behind choosing nopCommerceas your ecommerce development solution.

Reasons to Choose nopCommerce eCommerce Development Solution


NopCommerce is an ultimate ASP.NET open source eCommerce platform admired and adopted by many eCommerce professionals and owners. The reason for its popularity is the fact that nopCommerce comes embedded with many essential eCommerce features out of the box. It is loaded with extensions, plugins, modules, and features that help an eCommerce owner with marketing activities, user experience, upgradations, user interface, and customization.

Unlike others, nopCommerce is completely written in ASP.Net 4.0 and its back-end is supported by Microsoft SQL Server which is considered as a very powerful database management platform. In short, nopCommerce is a combination of commercial software and open-source which is really easy to configure, is secure and highly-scalable.


NopCommerce Achievements 

Since its founding in 2008, nopCommerce has been downloaded more than 1,700,000 times. It achieved 50,000 online stores milestone in August 2018.

eCommerce Development solution - nopcommerce history


Along with winning the trust of merchants, nopCommerce has taken home prestigious awards like the PacktPub Open-Source Award and the CMS Critics Award.


Now, let us discuss the Golden Question….


Why Choose nopCommerce as your eCommerce Development Solution?

The key Out of Box features that make nopCommerce the best choice for your eCommerce Development Solution are:

  1. Open Source PlatformeCommerce Development solution - nopcommerce
  2. Built on Dot Net Core
  3. Mobile Commerce Ready
  4. Easily Customizable & Manageable
  5. Streamlined Payment Process
  6. Search Engine Friendly
  7. Mobile Commerce Ready
  8. Multi-Store Feature
  9. Multi-vendor support along with Drop-shipping
  10. Marketing Features
  11. Easy to Scale


1. Open Source Platform:

The First great thing about nopCommerce is that it is “Free”. You can download the source code for free and modify it to fit your custom requirements. It beats other eCommerce development solutions in terms cost of running an eCommerce business. So no license fee, no monthly fee or lump sum fee. Even its back-end support Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition is also free. Of course, if needed you can use a higher edition of SQL Server for better performance of your website.

nopCommerce – A Free eCommerce Development Solution!!

Being free does not mean there is no support and release updates. nopCommerce is backed by an enthusiastic and helpful team of developers, graphic designers and professional support team who work hard to maintain the standards of the platform and deliver a solid digital solution to the interested eCommerce owners for free of cost. Being open source, anyone can contribute to nopCommerce, and therefore, there are many free & premium extensions and themes available in its marketplace for you to enhance nopCommerce. The other benefit of being Open source is that you will never have a developer lock-down scenario and if you are not happy with one developer, you can easily find another good nopCommerce development company.

eCommerce Development Solution

The second best thing about this open source platform is that you can install it easily. The installation does not require any technical expertise or a high-end computer. You can install nopCommerce on your computer very easily using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

2. Built on Dot Net Core

NopCommerce is developed on the Microsoft’s Dot Net Platform and is continuously upgraded to the latest Dot Net Framework. Since nopCommerce 4.0 release, it’s been upgraded to Dot Net Core MVC, which is the latest offering from Microsoft to the software developer community. Dot Net Core is also open source and offers many benefits over other frameworks. One of the key features of Dot Net Core is that it is cross-platform. Meaning that applications built on Dot Net Core can be run on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux as well as Mac.

- nopcommerce dot net

Though the current version nopCommerce 4.1 is not fully cross-platform. But nopCommerce team is working on making it support multiple platforms, especially Linux. This means a huge saving in terms of hosting costing as Linux hosting is very cost effective compared to Windows hosting.


3. Mobile Commerce Ready

A Mobile variant of your ecommerce store is a must have these days. In 2017, Mobile commerce sales accounted for 58.9% of all digital sales, a total of $1.357 trillion. Mobile commerce is expected to take the center stage by 2021 with an expected 72.9 % of all digital sale, a total of $3.556 trillion.

eCommerce Development Solution - nopCommerce mobile commerce ready


NopCommerce team is well aware of this fact and the importance of Mobile commerce. Thus nopCommerce platform offers the mobile responsive feature which is free and available out of the box.

nopCommerce – A Mobile Ready eCommerce Development Solution!!

NopCommerce offers many well-designed responsive templates that scale appropriately, optimizing the content for all kind of devices and the browsers. In short, your eCommerce website can go mobile in a very short time and that too without requiring extra development or add-ons. Besides this you can also try third-party vendors who also offer a native mobile app for nopCommerce.


4. Flexible, Easily Customizable & Manageable

nopCommerce platform is a .NET based which is very common among developer. Thus one can easily find a developer to customize your website. nopCommerce versatile administration tool allows easy website management.

Reasons to Choose Nopcommerce eCommerce Development Solutions- Easily Customizable & Manageable


The nopCommerce administration panel is very flexible and offers many customization options for your store which can be managed from the administration panel without changing a single line of code. For example, using nopCommerce you can sell a physical product like a Digital Camera, or you can sell a digital product like a Digital Book or Software, or you can sell a customized Gift Card, or you can sell reoccurring membership kind of products, or you can sell an apartment! Moreover, it’s easy to customize the same.

NopCommerce have a pluggable modular architecture that allows developers to add features and elements dynamically during run-time. One can easily select modules, add-ons and design his or her eCommerce website to make it look eye-catching for online shoppers. With nopCommerce, you can define up to 60 properties for a single product thus providing your customer with extensive detailing of your product.


5. Streamlined Payment Process

NopCommerce has a smooth payment process which has been designed keeping in mind the bounce rate during the checkout process. The payment process is customizable and helps a merchant to improve conversion rates by offering the best user experience to his or her customers.

The default checkout and payment methods on nopCommerce:eCommerce Development Solution - nopCommerce Smooth checkout process

  • Accepts major credit and debit cards
  • Supports more than 50 payment gateways such as CC Avenue, Amazon PayPal, PayU, AliPay, Ogone, Eway, and so on.
  • Supports Cash on Delivery.
  • Supports authorize only, or auth-capture credit card mode.
  • Supports refunds and partial refunds.
  • Offers exclusive marketing offers and pricing packages major payment processors across the globe.
  • Supports Anonymous (Guest) checkout to finish the purchase quicker.
  • Supports One-page checkout to reduce the steps and make the checkout easier for customers.
  • Supports checkout attributes like offering gift wrap items or personalized messages.
  • Supports Phone order.
  • Supports Multilingual and multicurrency.
  • Supports weights and dimensions measure configuring options.
  • Supports SSL (secure browsing and checkout).
  • Supports PDF order receipts.


Besides this, there are extensions you can use to optimize the checkout flow to offer more robust checkout experience.


6. Search Engine Friendly

In today’s competitive world SEO is important for all eCommerce website. NopCommerce offers a comprehensive SEO out of the box. It gives a store owner complete access over keyword tags, customized URLs, Sitemap, etc.

NopCommerce developers know the importance of SEO and thus keep the platform up to date according to needs of the merchant and the search engine. The default SEO tool in nopCommerce Offers:eCommerce Development Solution - nopCommerce SEO optimized

  • Keyword tagging
  • URLs customization and Management
  • XML and HTML sitemap support
  • Microdata (rich snippets)
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • URL canonicalization
  • Google Analytics integration
  • URL localization


7. Multi-Store Feature:

This one is my favorite. The default Multi- Store feature in nopCommerce platform allows the eCommerce owner to run more than one store from a single nopCommerce installation. This means that you as an eCommerce owner can host multiple online stores on different domains and manage all of their admin operations from one single nopCommerce administration panel.

The most convenient thing in this feature is that each store shares a single database. This means that your customer can log in using his or her credentials in any of your stores and you can share catalog data between stores.

NopCommerce also allows you to set the following features separately for each store:eCommerce Development Solution - nopCommerce multi store feature

  • Products per store
  • Categories and manufacturers per store
  • Newsletters per store
  • Graphical themes per store
  • Content (news, blog, articles) per store
  • Tax rules per store
  • Payments per store
  • Shipping methods per store
  • Almost each configuration setting can be set per store
  • Product prices per store
  • Order filtering and reports per store


8. Multi-vendor support along with Drop-shipping

For those who are interested in running eCommerce website similar to Amazon, eBay or Flipkart, the multi-vendor and drop ship features are a must-have. Multi-vendor support along with Drop-shipping allows you to sell online without maintaining any stock inventory or ship orders.

eCommerce Development Solution - nopCommerce multi vendor with drop shipping

With this feature enabled, once an order is placed the respective vendor gets an email for the order. The vendor can be provided admin panel to manage their product and orders shipments on the store. If you are good with online marketing this process is a low investment and high-profit option.


9. Marketing Features

Marketing is important for any business, be it online or offline. NopCommerce platform offers an array of marketing features which allows the merchant to connect with new customers and retain old ones. The out of the box marketing features offered in nopCommerce are: eCommerce Development Solution - nopCommerce marketing feature

  • Reward Points System
  • Related products for up-selling
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Content, News & Blog Pages
  • Gift cards
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Product comparison
  • Affiliate program


10. Easy to Scale

NopCommerce is suitable not only for small stores but also for stores with millions of products and thousands of orders a day. NopCommerce can be hosted with cheap Windows hosting solutions providers like SmarterASP as well as it can be hosted on enterprise hosting platforms like EverLeap or Azure cloud. NopCommerce has been specially designed to use the cloud features that Azure offers making it easy to host on Azure.

eCommerce Development solution - nopcommerce easy to scale

NopCommerce – An Easy to Scale eCommerce Development Solution!!

Moreover, availability of integrations like nopAccelerate Solr Integration takes nopCommerce to the next level by integrating it with Apache Solr for Search & Catalog Faceting. This not only improves the quality of search but also makes it easy to scale nopCommerce to work efficiently even on a scale where you have many millions of products in your catalog and huge traffic daily.



Repeat after me, I am FREE  !!

NopCommerce is simply an amazing eCommerce development solution. It is the only open source platform that offers premium features for free that are available on many other e-commerce development solutions with heavy license fees. NopCommerce can make a big difference the way you do business online. It is powerful, secure, cost-effective and offers many other features that can help your business run smoothly and grow exponentially.

eCommerce Development solution - nopcommerce conclusion


NopCommerce is a Long Runner!!


Want to know more about nopCommerce as your eCommerce development solution, you will like our article “nopCommerce Review – All you Need to Know about nopCommerce



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