Faster, scalable and reliable nopCommerce.

Step by Step installation guide for getting started with nopAccelerate Solr Plugins to integrate Apache Solr with nopCommerce Store.

Applicable to:

  • nopAccelerate
  • nopAccelerate Search

System Requirements

nopAccelerate Solr plugin assumes that you are already using nopCommerce.

Supported nopCommerce version:

  • nopCommerce version 2.80
  • nopCommerce version 3.00
  • nopCommerce version 3.10
  • nopCommerce version 3.20
  • nopCommerce version 3.30
  • nopCommerce version 3.40
  • nopCommerce version 3.50
  • nopCommerce version 3.60
  • nopCommerce version 3.70
  • nopCommerce version 3.80
  • nopCommerce version 3.90

We encourage you to use newer version of nopCommerce.

Hosting Requirements:

nopAccelerate is fully compatible with any nopCommerce compatible hosting account. It works with Shared Windows Hosting Account, VPS, Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting Service like Azure & Amazon AWS.

You may use Shared Windows Hosting for hosting your nopCommerce website, but you need a different VPS or Hosted Solr Service for hosting Apache Solr Instance to use nopAccelerate Solr Plugins.

Note: If you’re on Shared Windows Hosting, we strongly recommend to upgrade to a good VPS hosting to leverage the full benefits of nopCommerce, nopAccelerate & Apache Solr.


Additional Requirement:

Self-Hosted Solr Instance:

  • Java 6 or greater
  • Java servlet container (Such as Tomcat, Jetty, etc.)
  • Apache Solr 4.1 +

Externally / Remotely-Hosted Solr Instance:

  • Any good Hosted Solr Service with Support for Solr 4 with Custom Configuration (Please confirm with us before buying)

Installation Steps

Depending on type of hosting you’re using these steps may vary. These steps are applicable for VPS & Dedicated Hosting Servers. For Shared Hosting Account, you may ignore Step 1.

Step 1: Install & Configure Apache Solr

Step 2: Installing nopAccelerate Solr Plugins

Step 3: Configuring nopAccelerate Solr Plugins

Step 4: Performing Full Indexing

Step 5: Enabling nopAccelerate Advance Search & Catalog Navigation Features

Step 6: Customizing Template to match your store theme

Step 7: Things you need to ensure before going live

Need more help?

Have a look at nopAccelerate Demo Store with 80,000+ products with nopAccelerate Solr and CDN Plugin.

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