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Steps for performing full Solr indexing for your nopCommerce store products from nopAccelerate Admin area.

Applicable to:

  • nopAccelerate
  • nopAccelerate Lite
  • nopAccelerate Search
  • nopAccelerate Search Lite

When you need to do Full Indexing?

  • If you’re using nopAccelerate for a first time, then you need to perform a Full Indexing operation.
  • Full Indexing may also require if changes are being made to Solr Schema file, especially new fields are added or declared in Solr Schema.

Performing Full Indexing

If you’re performing Full Indexing for first time, ensure following:

  • Before proceeding with this stage, make sure you’ve everything ready including correctly configured nopCommerce, nopAccelerate Plugin Settings & Solr Schema & Solr Config files.
  • Ensure that Solr Search Plugin is not enabled. If it is enabled visitor might see no search results found while performing search.
  • Ensure that Solr Product Plugin is not enabled. If it is enabled visitor will see a blank catalog listing pages without any Products.

Hint: You may not need to perform this step manually

Most stores does not need to perform this step manually because the Solr Admin Plugin does the job automatically. It has a scheduled task created during installation to perform Indexing at every hour which take care of indexing.

Now, log in to the Administration panel of your nopCommerce store. And open Solr Admin Area for your store.

You can open it by going to nopCommerce administration area menu Plugins > NopAccelerate Solr Core Admin.


This will open a Solr Admin Area for your nopCommerce store. You’ll see a screen like this. If some time has already passed, you’ll also notice a few Log entries created by the Solr IDI Process.

For more details on Solr IDI Process, review Understanding Solr IDI Process.


Now Click on Product Status tab.

Performing Full Solr index for nopCommerce Store

You will now see a list of grid containing Product ID, Solr Status, Is Deleted & Time. You’ll also find a drop-down filters for this grid.


Product ID refers to the Product ID from the Product table of nopCommerce.

The Solr Status can be Pending or Indexed. Pending means the Products are not yet indexed in Solr, once its indexed it will be updated with Indexed status. Moreover, when any product is updated, it will be marked as Pending.

Is Deleted can be true or false. Only Products with false status will be indexed by Solr. When you UnPublish or Delete product from nopCommerce, it will be marked as true and the product will be removed from Solr Index.

Start Solr Indexing Process Manually

To start Solr Indexing Process manually, please go to the Utility tab.


You’ll find a two button here, Start Indexing, Reload Core and Mark All Products as Pending.


Click on Start Indexing button to start Indexing process manually. It will take quite some time during performing full indexing.

If there are fewer products, you’ll be notified with a Pop-up with Process Completed! message. For larger catalog, it might take couple of hours.

Hint: For larger catalogs, Indexing process can take couple of hours. However, the Indexing process runs in the background, and you can close this window or work on other area of nopCommerce admin.

Moreover, Full Indexing is resource intensive and we suggest to make limited use of nopCommerce admin panel during this time.

Once the Indexing process is completed, click on Reload Core, which will force the Solr Core to refresh its Searcher with newer index. When you click on Reload Core you’ll be notified via a simple Popup Window with response from Solr server.

Mark All Products as Pending button, mark all product as pending for re-indexing. You should use this button only when something is wrong and you need to perform a full re-indexing.

You can monitor the Indexing Process from Log tab. The Log detail contains the Product ID processed during each batch along with cycle id & start & end time stamp.

Once, indexing is done you’re now ready to power your nopCommerce store Search and Faceted Navigation from Solr.

If you’ve performed a full indexing for the first time, you can now move to the next stage which involves enabling Solr Search & Solr Product Plugin.

Hint: Finding Error Log

If there are any errors encountered during Indexing Process, it will be logged into nopCommerce Error Log, which you can access by going to menu System > Log to proceed with troubleshooting the same.

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